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Alarm clock... (Insanity #248)

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Title: Alarm clock...

I don't usually have an alarm clock, but when I do set one, I always wake up five minutes before it. I never wake up after it, and I always wake up five to ten minutes before it's set to go off. There have been two weird incidences that have called this to my attention.

  1. I had just got a new CD player for my room, so I was fiddling about with it. I put a CD in there. I later went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night. I checked the time. It was 3 o clock so I tried to get back to sleep and suddenly my CD played started playing I check the time and it was 3:05 . I found out later this was an alarm and it happened another time after that until I figured out how to turn it off.
  2. A few friends and me were at a sleepover and set a quiet alarm for the morning because we were going to sneak out at about 6 to go to the corner shop to buy some cigarettes. My friend didn't tell me this but she actually set it back half an hour after realising we may not have enough time and I woke up exactly five minutes before

Anyone else get this?

Username: megan1993178 (2)  United Kingdom
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Comments (Newest First)
20/07/2008 21:39:49 (382)
From: moonyen
I ALWAYS wake up 5-15 minutes before alarms, people sent to wake me, arriving at a destination in a vehicle, fire alarms.... Every time. Since I was little.

11/07/2008 20:19:04 (331)
From: katzmeow
I used to do that sometimes. Once I woke up really early one morning and when I tried to go back to sleep, a painting fell in the hallway and made an awful racket. It was sort of like my subconscious was expecting it so it woke me up to prepare me.

09/07/2008 08:56:45 (321)
From: jason

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