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suck blood (Insanity #254)

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Title: suck blood
Description: i love the taste of blood. sometimes i cut myself on puropse just to get some
Username: iwontsay (2.6)  Sweden
3.3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
02/01/2009 20:08:05 (720)
From: PostisPer
i'm not so extreme as you iwontsay, but IF i get a small wound on my arms or hands i like to scratch it open and suck it clean^^ just so I know it is. it tastes really good as well! i mean its blood but its my own blood. its like liking the smell of your own farts

17/07/2008 20:23:20 (354)
From: Mrclwrkr11
omg you emos...... y not just cut urself all the way......omg thats sick! that was kind of mean but you almost made me puke!!!!!!!!!

11/07/2008 20:53:05 (336)
From: rachel99696
me 2  : )<

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