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i talk to myself outloud (Insanity #257)

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Title: i talk to myself outloud
Description: and answer myself... i come up with whole little imaginative scenarios and act them out
Username: ciel (2.7)  United States
3/5 Sane Insane

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15/08/2008 21:24:04 (460)
From: geenamae
I talk to myself about stupid things like where my school book is
but only if no one else is around
and if it's my french book, I'll ask it in french, and sometimes reply in english
it really annoys and amuses me : ] lol x

04/08/2008 17:39:43 (424)
From: tania
yeah i do to except i talk to myself about everything that happened as if someone were there then i think of solutions to my problems outloud to myself!!!

18/07/2008 20:45:30 (379)
From: Moonyen
Me, too! I do it ALL THE TIME!!

11/07/2008 21:51:25 (348)
From: rachel99696
me too
kind of

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