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odd numbers (Insanity #258)

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Title: odd numbers
Description: when the radio or TV is on an odd number (volume) I  FREAK out!   

P.S.  i don't know why
Username: rachel99696 (2.8)  United States
2.8/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
21/07/2008 17:12:56 (383)
From: jay_is_cool
for me, the volume at my dads house has to been one above or below a multiple or 5 (19,21,24,26,29, etc)

and my mums, we have a digibox volume and the tv volume. the digibox volume has to be max, so i can use the normal tv control to change volume

15/07/2008 21:32:47 (352)
From: jason
That's more common than you'd think. Several others hear have the same problem. This is from my friend Andy....

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