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Diving (Insanity #260)

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Title: Diving

This isn't really insane, but I have a horrible fear of diving. We used to have to dive at my summer camp, and I would honestly try, but I just could not get my body to go headfirst into the water, it terrified me. I'd always end up scrunching up my knees and just doing sort of a belly flop, but knees-first. I started dreading it so much that I would do anything to avoid having to dive at my camp. My whole day would be ruined if we had to work on diving. I could stand at the edge of the pool with my arms pointing forward, just staring at the water and trying to brace myself, but I just could not do that dive. I'm actually a pretty good swimmer, but I'd always end up in the worst swimming group because I could never pass the 'level'. I'd be able to do every task perfectly, but not the diving. Now, I haven't even tried diving for so long that just the thought of it sends me into tears.
There are a couple other things like that, for example trying to flip under water? That also scares me and I can only do it if someone sort of forces my feet over my head, but I will be scared to death in the process. And then outside of water, I can't do anything gymnastics-related. I cannot make my body do a simple forward roll/tumble, let alone a backwards one. My friend tried to convince my to do a diving roll when we were learning it for gym class, and I practically ran out of the room.
It's as if my body just rejects the motion of putting my head first in any case (although I can do a handstand under water. But that's the only exception).

Username: katzmeow (2.3)  United States
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