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Happiness is a basking crocodile. (Insanity #271)

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Title: Happiness is a basking crocodile.

Sometimes at work when a customer really ticks me off I envision their entrails dragging across the pavement as a dog urinates on them. And this makes me happy. ~ I'm serious.

Username: mojosinkali (2.7)  United States
2.7/5 Sane Insane

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31/07/2008 23:30:54 (406)
From: hollandskater

laugh my fucking ass off. I imagine the same thing. exept i am pissing on them.....then i eat them

18/07/2008 03:04:31 (366)
From: MrclWrkr11

dats ma big bro..... i typed it fo him! n e one who want to kno......he might hurt me for dis.....i can take him.......he works at curtis lumber for those of yuo who r wondrin........

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