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dreams (Insanity #278)

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Title: dreams
Description: sometimes when i dream, i picture myself dying. but the weird thing is that, while most people when they die in theyr dreams, most people wake up. but i dont wake up...
Username: mindslayer (2.4)  Portugal
3.3/5 Sane Insane

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31/07/2008 18:12:10 (400)
From: gothic_hippy
This may be hard to believe, but I often dream the future to a high degree of accuracy, but I always predict the most useless details of upcoming events like a taxi journey or something I buy while shopping. It does scare me if I dream that some one dies but that's only happened once... About the dying in your dream thing, I dreamt that I got shot then watched my body be moved around. I also dreamt that I was given a deer's shoulder bone with lightning coming off it by an old woman so I put the bone in the sink and turned the tap on to get rid of the electricity... Then I woke up... Did I die? Never put electrical appliances in water kids!

30/07/2008 22:57:27 (399)
From: mindslayer
well, arcadian fae, the following happens in the following order:
-i die
-people bury me
-and then life goes on without me

pretty much what will happen when i die in real life... i just picture everyone going on with their lives...

30/07/2008 04:19:13 (397)
From: Arcadian_Fae
Um . . .  What happens in your dream after you die, then, since the dream doesn't end?

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