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The Evil Seaweed :O (Insanity #279)

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Title: The Evil Seaweed :O
Description: when i go to the beach there's nothing i love more than swimming in the sea. HOWEVER. i am really scared of seaweed. Its the slimy feel of seaweed brushing against my foot that creeps me out the most. its daunting thinking of having to put down my foot and knowing its waiting to wrap itself around my legs...
Username: Insanez (2.1)  United Kingdom
2/5 Sane Insane

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02/08/2008 01:12:10 (413)
From: thatgirlkaveri
I'm sure no one likes the feel of seaweed it's gross. I know I'm terrified of it, buit not enough so that it stops me from having a great time in the water :)

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