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Two and Three Drains. (Insanity #28)

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Title: Two and Three Drains.
Description: I have a need to step on two drains in the street, but not 3.

This had got so worse over the years that I even would stop dead in busy streets to avoid 3 drains causing people to fall over me.

Since that incident it has scaled back a bit, but I still avoid 3 drains and will specifically step on 2.

Still no idea why I do it, maybe because the universe will implode on itself if I don't.
Sane/Insane, not sure, but I know many people do this.

Single drains and more than 3 drains mean nothing so I can step or not step on them at my will, i'm not stupid afterall.
Username: chris (2.8)  United Kingdom
3.5/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
26/09/2008 20:11:52 (534)
From: juliokhat
Yep, I do that. I picked it up from a old girlfriend, about 10 years ago. As well as following this rule herself, she couldn't bear for other people to step on 3 drains either; on one memorable occasion she barged me into the road to stop me from 'being unlucky'. Almost getting run over was apparently an acceptable risk when it came to bad-luck avoidance.
But you're wrong about 1 and 3+ drains; as someone else has noted (, odd numbers=bad, even numbers=good.

01/08/2008 14:15:54 (410)
From: Gothic_Hippy
I avoid stepping on 3 in a row! My friend called me supersticious once and did this at the same time as going under scaffolding and a ladder and he immediately fell over! I'm not supersticious at all, I do it for fun and him falling over was a mere coincidence... or was it?!

02/01/2008 22:22:11 (129)
From: sarah
You must put right foot first on first drain for this to work!!

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