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The Dark Gasses Of Asses... (Insanity #280)

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Title: The Dark Gasses Of Asses...
Description: For a while now i have realised i actually like smelling my own farts. i dont no why but it makes me feel happier... sometimes i even find myself scratching my ass then smelling my fingers without realising what im doing o.O
Username: Insanez (2.1)  United Kingdom
2.7/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
26/09/2008 17:49:32 (530)
From: weeniedoglover
LOL Me too!

04/08/2008 17:39:27 (423)
From: afjcmommy
I used to watch my older brother do the same thing when he would lie on the couch and watch tv. Stick his hand down the back of his drawes and pull it out and smell it. Sometimes, he would even bite his fingers.

02/08/2008 01:11:22 (412)
From: thatgirlkaveri
Umm, I guess that's alright,  I mean as lomng as you grow out of it.
Wash your hands though.

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