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An over powering insecurity about myself? (Insanity #284)

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Title: An over powering insecurity about myself?
Description: maybe not really insane or weird, but i often find myself depressed, and sad, i always think that i'm not good enough for people, that people don't like me, or dont wanna be around me.
I always feel like i'm not good enough to get a girl friend.
thus causing me to be overly shy and scared when it comes to girls.
I'm afraid that once i'm in a relationship i'm gonna mess it up and ruin it, it's also caused me to have sort of this secret fear of sex.
And finally the very first time in my lefe a girl ever showed intrest in me, i am 17, and i ruined it with my shyness..
and i feel it's all my fault and i'm gonna keep messing up all my life.
Is that weird?
Username: DrPepper (1.5)  United States
1.5/5 Sane Insane

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30/07/2008 04:21:43 (398)
From: Arcadian_Fae
Congratulations: you're a teenager.  It's not even a little weird, since you asked.  What you need is a strong, supportive circle of friends to help you with your confidence issues.

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