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Dreaded Dimmer Switch of Doom and Despair (Insanity #286)

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Title: Dreaded Dimmer Switch of Doom and Despair
Description: I have a dimmer switch in my bedroom and every night before I go to bed I turn the switch until it clicks otherwise I find it hard to sleep. Day by day the click sound gets harder to make so sometimes I stand there for ages twisting the switch until it makes the noise. I'm worried that one night the click will be gone forever and I will be forced to live as a insomniac!
Username: gothic_hippy (2.6)  United Kingdom
3.5/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
12/08/2008 18:51:30 (447)
From: geenamae
I couldn't live without turning it all the way til it clicks either, if I had a dimmer switch

maybe you should consider getting new light switches if the click goes? lol x

04/08/2008 16:46:17 (418)
From: MrclWrkr11

i have the same thing in my dining room! i cant leave until i turn the light all the way off and it clicks!!!!

02/08/2008 00:53:16 (411)
From: thatgirlkaveri
Haha, uhhhh that's pretty tight I must say...

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