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Double chin Paranoia (Insanity #290)

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Title: Double chin Paranoia
Description: I constantly feel underneath my chin to see if I am growing any kind of double chin. I mean, I'm not fat and I don't have a double chin, I just feel it to see if anything's forming....I do it allll the time, after I eat mostly. It's really really annpying because I don't even notice I'm doing it. I guess it's a great laugh for my friends though.
Username: thatgirlkaveri (2.2)  United States
2/5 Sane Insane

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04/08/2008 05:17:04 (416)
From: michael77
omg i read this blog and i just thought in my mind that it just had to be destiny i have the same feeling kaveri. if u ever feel like crying about it please do i do all the time it a normal thing it is just gods plan for us to have that little bit of extra flab. whenever i want to cry i think of it this way that is just another thing that makes us unique from everyone else. i feel your pain blog me back "twins"

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