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I'm the crazy one one here!! (Insanity #293)

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Title: I'm the crazy one one here!!
Description: Hello my name is Tania and i'm North Carolina i'm skinny, pretty, smart, and kind of tall!!
Username: tania (2)  United States
1.7/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
07/10/2008 23:31:58 (605)
From: tania
Well nice to meet you to Aric nd thanks for leaving me a comment. 

01/10/2008 23:19:47 (578)
From: aric
lol my name is Aric from Hawaii. Im 6ft and a nerd/ body builder. I have OCD and I think the whole world is out to get me. Its kind of funny sometimes. I also have an smile that comes to my face when I enter an building with individuals whom I do not know. Its wierd...

Nice to meet you.

09/08/2008 00:00:19 (443)
From: tania
Okay that is wierd i know for sure that i'm not going 2 eat them if i can't even get near them!!!Kittens

08/08/2008 13:04:02 (442)
From: jason
At-least you don't want to *eat* the kittens and puppies...


07/08/2008 00:28:12 (440)
From: tania
Yeah i hate kittens and puppys though thier cute i can't get near them i don't like any type of animal i'm scared of them!!

04/08/2008 23:24:06 (434)
From: jason
What about kittens and puppies?

04/08/2008 17:19:43 (421)
From: Miranda
lol, I'm afraid of ants. They make me freak out!

04/08/2008 17:17:47 (420)
From: tania
Hey i'm Tania again i accedently wrote the wrong thing up there!!! Well my problem is that i have something called Zoophobia which means that i'm scared of all types of animals literally!!! For example if a fly lands on me i'll like freak out and start jumping up and down and screaming! The bad thing is that if i scream my mom gets mad then i get in trouble because she doesn't understand what i have so i guess i have to deal w/ it alone!!!!

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