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Insecurity (Insanity #297)

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Title: Insecurity
Description: i always keep a hard outer shell and act like nothing really gets to me. but if someone so much as breaths diffrently then i freak out inside thinking something is wrong and it might be my fault. also when ever my dad needs me i also think i did something wrong and im going to get busted about something i didnt even realize i did. im also always looking behind me while in stores and halls and down empty streets thinking that somebody could be after me or something bad might happen. I also get the cocktail party effect of always thinking somebody is calling me. I also check my phone and email and myspace every 2 mins when im around making sure i dont miss a thing.
Username: mj (2.8)  United States
2/5 Sane Insane

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14/08/2008 18:32:00 (456)
From: futurama140
i feel exactly the same way, about this, and the cute thing you posted. EXACTLY the same with both of them.... we're both insane.

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