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Kittens Puppies and Babies (Insanity #298)

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Title: Kittens Puppies and Babies
Description: I dont wanna sound like a freak but when i see something cute like kittens and stuff like that i have sudden urge to strangle something and time to time i catch myself litterrly thinking about eating them because of their cuteness
Username: mj (2.8)  United States
3.6/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
30/10/2008 20:41:42 (617)
From: Lycaneye
I feel it too mj
If something is TOO cute... like I have 2 cats, and they are so fuzzy and adorable, and I just want to throw them into a wall or squeeze them until they die..
It's your mine telling you that positive things are bad.... or.. that is what a guy said to me (but what do I know, I suffer from paranoid skizophrenia)

01/10/2008 23:18:35 (577)
From: aric
lets hope you dont see a turd on the sidewalk and begin to think its "cute & cuddly". - rofl.

14/08/2008 20:58:17 (457)
From: bk827
One thing... You are terrified of puppies... when you see them you literally catch yourself running away.. but I can see you trying to strangle a kitten... and I have seen you strangle a baby... -.-

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