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People on my left side. (Insanity #309)

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Title: People on my left side.
Description: When i'm with someone it feels really really weird if their on my laf side. They belong on my right side. It's ok at a lunch table or something because the table's circular and their are people on both sides of me. But if its just one other person it just feels so wrong having them on my left side. Like once i was sitting on the very last seat on the right in the auditorium in school and i felt so weird that the girl i was sitting with was on my left and i wanted her to be on my right. but it's not just girls, its every one really. Why do i do this?
Username: Pat (2.1)  United States
2.5/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
05/09/2008 01:27:21 (500)
From: Pat
i am right handed

23/08/2008 00:03:09 (476)
From: jason
Are you left or right handed?

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