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back to the wall (Insanity #311)

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Title: back to the wall
Description: Hi, this is my first post and one of my most annoying habits...or quirk if you will...I cannot  sit with my back windows, even in normal settings, my couch is against a wall, in restaurants i do not sit in the middle of the room, i must be against a wall....anyone else?
Username: shelliemarie (1.9)  United States
1.5/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
20/08/2008 19:12:34 (465)
From: popthebubble
i agree but its cuz im afraid that some1 will like stab me in the back or something

15/08/2008 21:20:51 (459)
From: geenamae

I'm that way in restaurants but not at home, but now that you mention it I'm getting really uncomfortable sat on this chair (my back is facing the rest of the room!)

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