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compulsive hair twirling (Insanity #312)

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Title: compulsive hair twirling
Description: ok, even as i sit here, I twirl my hair...and i dont mean just la di da twirl, I will braid, twist and make designs out of my hair..I will braid it all in little braids (and i have a lot of hair) and then take it all out again...anyone? anyone????  Please?? lol 
Username: shelliemarie (1.9)  United States
1.8/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
08/01/2009 06:30:01 (758)
From: highfly29
Yeah, used to twirl my hair so much when around 15 and onward so much I had for years a permanent bald patch on the side of my head, trouble is now I'm old and over the hill all hair gone, still means I can play with hair down below instead, still plenty left there!

27/10/2008 17:34:12 (613)
From: belucai

I used to do similar compulsive hair twirling at age 13. Now I'm 32 and it's long gone. Well erm... it's been replaced by the short yet somewhat chaotic beard. (mostly the left side)
Cheers =)

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