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Reality (Insanity #325)

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Title: Reality
Description: Sometimes it feels as though nothing is real (I could be at the mall or school or somewhere but not at home) and in my dreams everything feels real. I and feel the wind on my face, smell flowers, feel the pain of a cut or scrape, see everything in perfect colour, and hear everything too.

And I heard somewhere that if you can see people's eyes in dreams your really messed.

Username: limegreen (2.5)  Canada
2.5/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
02/09/2008 21:33:21 (496)
From: dothedeewyo
wow i cant describe it but i think i feel that sometimes too its disturbing.

30/08/2008 16:16:21 (483)
From: mrclwrkr11

29/08/2008 17:37:39 (482)
From: jason
Are you in The Matrix? :-)

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