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Blood (Insanity #334)

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Title: Blood
Description: I love drinking blood :D

I love the texture of it :D

I think i'm a vampire XD

My boyfriend likes blood too so he isn't bothered at all but my mum an dad hate it :(

what should i say to them to calm them down?
Username: insanityness (3)  United Kingdom
3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
24/11/2008 03:06:03 (641)
From: laneime
I too love the taste of blood,it is soo good,the texture is awesome too,sticky and liquidy i don't think i am a vampire though just cuz i love drinking blood

02/10/2008 01:51:33 (586)
From: radge
You should try black pudding.

You know, my mother used to make black pudding so black even the white bits were black.

01/09/2008 09:30:51 (490)
From: jason
Human blood?

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