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ick for eyeballs (Insanity #342)

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Title: ick for eyeballs
Description: i have a fear that if someone touches my face they will
poke one of my eyes out. 
i break out in a sweat and get the creeps thinking that
they're hand will slip and a finger will go right into my eyeball
and POP out it will go!
eyeballs in general make me sick, and i don't like my face touched
in anyway shape or form (i can't even stand the thought of my husband using my pillow)
but combine the two thoughts! YIKES
My husband had corrective eye surgery done a few years ago so he wouldn't have to wear glasses
and he wanted me to be with him. i will forever have the image of his eyes clammped open on a video
monitor in my brain. 

i'm pretty sure i have problems
Username: RLHrinda (2.3)  United States
2/5 Sane Insane

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