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stuffed animals (Insanity #343)

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Title: stuffed animals
Description: another quirk i have is that
if i have to arrange stuffed animals ( i have a couple of little kids)
they all have to be able to "see" out
i've always done it. ever since i can remember even with
my own toys when i was a kid.  I feel like if one gets turned the wrong way
and doesn't have clear view it will like come to life or something and be upset.
not that i think stuffed animals come to life at night when they all think your alseep or anything
like least i don't think i think that.. scary
but anyway, i have to make sure all the toys with eyes can see whats going on in the room
and that their view isn't blocked by another toy
Username: RLHrinda (2.3)  United States
2.3/5 Sane Insane

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