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Eating Stew (Insanity #345)

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Title: Eating Stew
Description: When I'm eating beef stew or something with more than one type of vegetable or meat i save my favorite parts till the end. So if there were cooked carrots in dinty moore beef stew at the end are a bunch of carrots. People don't think i like them, but actually i savor them and delight in having JUST carrots at the end.
Username: davisaj9 (2.3)  United States
2.5/5 Sane Insane

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16/09/2008 19:12:41 (517)
From: modernbenoni
I eat in an order, but not what I dislike to what I like... I'll always eat carrots first, then broccoli. After that I'll eat something that requires the least plate space to eat... Then meat... Then anything with sauce of any kind...

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