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mirror mirror on the wall (Insanity #351)

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Title: mirror mirror on the wall
Description: i'm terrified of mirrors in dark rooms
i can't put anything more then my hand to flip on the light
into the bathroom at night

i'm positive that i will see something horriable if i look into
a mirror when the room is dark

any reflective surface is very scary to me at night
but mirrors are unbearable
i hate to think something other then my face will be looking back at me
Username: RLHrinda (2.3)  United States
2.3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
25/12/2008 17:49:39 (702)
From: john
yeah i do that too except its not only at night i cant look into mirrors ever which sucks when i try to do things like brush my teeth or put contacts in
mirrors scare the shit out of me.
its because of all those god dam scary stories and movies where ppl look into a mirror and a demon or wutever is in the reflection

19/09/2008 22:26:09 (524)
From: ninja-turtle
i have that.
im scared incase i see like Bloody Mary or the Grudge or something.
and i cant have my back to a mirror if im alone in the room incase i turn and look and somethings in it staring at me

12/09/2008 21:56:10 (509)
From: mantarae
I felt some relief to know that I am not the only person who has this problem...

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