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velvet (Insanity #352)

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Title: velvet

i really don't like velvet, even the idea
i won't even hug someone if they're wearing it :P

also i have something much more weird where if i hear something depressing it makes me picture a dark room with dusty velvet curtains .. and makes me feel the same atmosphere as if i'm in there
ow it's hard to explain but i feel better for getting it out

Username: quitestrange (2)  United Kingdom
2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
20/12/2008 17:29:44 (689)
From: quitestrange
and thanks mentalist :)

18/09/2008 23:57:34 (522)
From: mentalist
i mean benoni's comment
you're alright quitestrange :D

18/09/2008 23:56:50 (521)
From: mentalist
Now thats just evil ;)

16/09/2008 19:06:40 (514)
From: modernbenoni
Try sitting in a bath for hours, then when your fingers are all wrinkly, rub some velvet...

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