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Ew): (Insanity #356)

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Title: Ew):
Description: Okayy, so this may sound a little odd but you know how alot of people don't like feet? well, you can say that about me. except you may want to add that i not only hate them but i'm terrified of them. completely. everyone in my family knows this and whenever i bother one of them, they just lift their foot up and i run screaming. but that's not where it stops. if it's close to me, i run and scream but if they touch me, i just burst into tears. i mean, i'm not that bad. i don't think. i have no problem with my own feet but i can't stand being close to anyone else's. and feet are one of my worst fears. i mean, it's all the way up there with fear of heights. they terrify me. is this insane?
Username: october_angel92 (2)  United States
2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
29/09/2008 23:36:57 (559)
From: boomer
Never youtube Giantess Foot Fetish :)

16/09/2008 19:04:34 (512)
From: modernbenoni
Not insane... Just irrational...

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