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Matching pegs (Insanity #36)

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Title: Matching pegs
Description: I have plastic pegs in all different colours and whenever I put any washing out to dry I have to ensure that every item is hung out with matching coloured pegs and will go and change any that my husband puts out with odd colours just to annoy me - is that so wrong?!!!
Username: 4bes M (3.3)  United Kingdom
3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
18/11/2007 19:24:10 (83)
From: MonkIsHarmlessComparedToMe
Hey 4bes, I used to do that too - only I have a tumble dryer now and I insist on folding the dried washing the instant
it is finished, while still warm. All my washing is folded to exactly the same size and ordered in colours and in neat piles.
My boyfried just throws his washing in his wardrobe. It drives me round the bend!!! ;)

09/09/2007 20:09:56 (40)
From: Ian
I'll put £1000 on 4bes M - the peg thing's completely insane!!!!

09/09/2007 17:27:52 (38)
From: jason
There's nothing wrong with paying attention to the little things.

Bytheway, I'll be putting some stats together showing which gender is the most insane, wanna place an early bet? ;-)

Bye for now

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