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ASDA and deciding what to eat. (Insanity #366)

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Title: ASDA and deciding what to eat.
Description: I have troubles trying to work out what to eat, for every meal where I have to decide (ie, when I'm not at someone else's for dinner).

First up, I have to decide what I want, (1) Take Away or (2) Supermarket Ready Meal or (3) Making something myself from the supermarket. You maybe wondering why I'm not adding a forth one, to eat in, but that's because I can't eat in a resturant by myself. I don't know why, I just can't do it. And if I'm going out with someone to eat in a resturant, I let them decide where we're going.... so that's an option taken out.

Take Away
Let's say I choose Take Away, within 5 minuites walking distance, I have 3x Chineses, 2x italians, McDonalds, KFC, Fake-KFC, 2x Kabab places and... well, the list is long.

Each place gets rated on Enjoyment, Veriaty (that's a bad thing) and Price.
 - A chinese scores high on enjoyment, but loses points on veriaty (having more), and is just above middle on price.
 - A kabab scores medium on enjoyment, gains points on veriaty (having less) and again is midle in price.
 - A pizza scores high in enjoyment, gains very high points on veriaty (it's just pizza and not much else), but is quite expensive (so loses points there)

Let's say I choose Chinese, and the one accross the road from me.
There is a list of about 15 combinations that I've rated in order of Enjoyment, Hunger and Price... that is differnet for lunchtime and dinner time. Sometimes I'm not hungry, but what I want would cost more than a standard meal (eg, mixed starters, some Hoi Sin sauce and some Crispy Lamb = £11, not very filling, £12, but if my money rating for that day is high and my hunger rating is low, then that'll get quite a few points). Other times, I dont' have much money, and a soup will do me, it's filling and all that.

There is a Lunchtime Special (half apot of rice/noodles and the other half anything under £4.50), that scores very highly at lunch as it's only £3, but scores low at dinner as that's £4 (where at £4, there are better options).

Let's say I choose a Kabab, and the one just down the road from me.
That just get ranks in Health, as they all more or less cost the same and taste the same... so it depends if I want something fatty and greasy or if I want something nice and healthy.

Supermarkets (and Ready Meals)
Firstly, I don't drive, so it's Marks'n'Spensor (expensive) or ASDA (cheap).

Marks'n'Sparks only do their own brand stuff, and don't sell things like DVDs and magazines, so I don't get distracted. They also only sale their own branded suff, so they're very good, in the respect that I don't have to choose between different brands of the same pizza.
I have to decide on what type of ready meal, microwave/oven/cold, and then chinese/italian/"gastro pub", etc. I'm normaly in and out inside an hour (it's a small one, with about 5 small asles), and my average meal there cost about £8-12. Yes, I know, I could eat out for that, but it's good food.

ASDA do loads of brand, they have like a million types of ketchup and everything else. They have their own brand for everything too. They're cheap, but the place is a wreck, they have the big cages left everywhere, the people are morrons, it's just a fusrating time. People leave their trollys everywhere unattended and not paying attention (so I push them to the next asle so they lose their shopping and have to start again... or I put random stuff in there). So for ready-meals, Marks wins, even if they're cheaper.

However, when it comes to cooking my own food, ASDA wins, they have lots more stuff, I can make a nice meal for not much cash. However, cirtain foods go togehter. Let's say I want to make a nice sandwich, I'll get some cold-cut meats, some nice cheese, some bread, some mayo...etc, etc. So I'll walk around this HUGE store, put everything in my basket, and I would notice I have something a baggette, and I'll change my mind. I want a hotdog with posh saussages and chuckney now instead. So I'll put my basket down, and start again. But then I'll fancy some chips with that, and while i'm at the chips, I'll see the fish fingers. Fish fingers and saussages don' go, so I'll put back the hot dog materials and get a fry-up, but then I'll get some mayo..... blah, blah blha, but basicly, cirtain things don't mix and I'll be in there for a good two hours at lest.

And Also...
I start thinking about this sort of thing around 4 in the afternoon, will start getting shakey thinking i'm going to waste another evening in the supermarket... for the 4th time this week... and by 8 I would put on my headphones and begin my journey.

Another note with ASDA, is that they sell DVDs for £2 and upwards, so I spend a good 20 minuites looking at DVDs and magazines and video games.

......... and then I'll ALWAYS forget something, like fags, but I normaly realise this on the walk home and walk into a normal local shop (who I only use for fags and nosh, because their stuff is crap).
Username: 90Nz0 (2.5)  United Kingdom
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26/09/2008 19:31:49 (533)
From: leftandright
You are a God.

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