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2 drains (Insanity #371)

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Title: 2 drains
Description: I will not walk over uneven numbers of drain covers on the street. 2 is fine, as is 4, but I will step over 1, 3 or 5. I have done this since I was a little kid and now I don't even think about it. Quite a few of my friends do it as well. Is this just a west London thing?
Username: petalstomp (2)  United Kingdom
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26/09/2008 20:38:55 (537)
From: Hex
I picked it up from college (Reading Tech, it's TVU now), you see a lot of people avoiding 3-drains. It was meant to be:

1 = bad luck
2 = good luck
3 = bad sex life
4 = good sex life

No idea what came after those, but I always figured odd numbers were bad so just avoid them without even thinking.

26/09/2008 20:14:11 (535)
From: juliokhat
I agree wholeheartedly - I do exactly the same thing, but, somewhat weirdly, it's something that I picked up in adult life, from an old girlfriend (who was from The North, which scuppers the west-London theory).

26/09/2008 17:59:57 (531)
From: jason
Hi There,
My mate Chris is like that...

Bye for now

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