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Anyone else obsessed with tweezing? (Insanity #375)

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Title: Anyone else obsessed with tweezing?
Description: I like tweezing my pubes.
Username: weeniedoglover (2.5)  United States
2/5 Sane Insane

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19/07/2009 06:37:49 (863)
From: miss_vdub09
youre sane. i'm an obsessive tweezer... i shave my legs every day, but i love it when i miss a spot, because i can go to town. i have a pair of tweezers for pretty much every room in my house... wimps that think it

01/10/2008 23:16:17 (575)
From: aric

ouch. hellz no.

29/09/2008 21:39:13 (554)
From: eddie_38_1998
Not pubes, but any chance he gets my b/f gets me to check the backs of his legs for ingrowing hairs. He even hands me the tweezers! Not my obsession but he seems to glean a great deal of joy from it (not sexual, that would be wrong!!). I suppose I am just assisting his OCD!! He'd do it himself if he could reach, I'm sure.

He wanted me to do it the other night, it was getting late and I fancied a bit of the other instead of tweezing his legs - he actually had to think about it when I said "sex or tweezing, its up to you"!!!



27/09/2008 04:01:30 (541)
From: NastyMcSpaz
I am too. Sort of.

Nope, it doesn't hurt as much as waxing does. It's preferable to me than waxing. It's just time consuming, but strangely Zen.

26/09/2008 18:00:44 (532)
From: jason
Doesn't that hurt?

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