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My fingers know when they've been wronged. (Insanity #378)

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Title: My fingers know when they've been wronged.
Description: I've seen a few people mention their TV volume habits and I too have to have the volume on either and even number or a 5 or 0.

It doesn't end there.

So whichever thumb I used to change the channel must press a button, any button a even number of times. This sometimes requires pressing extra buttons (i.e. the 'back up' button).

However when changing the volume once I have found my number both thumbs (despite which thumb changed the volume) must press any button that amount of times. (E.g. if the volume is 25 both thumbs must press any button 5 times).

Although with the volume button my thumbs prefer the sky button because it makes the light on the box flash ^_^
Username: leftandright (2.5)  United Kingdom
2.3/5 Sane Insane

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01/10/2008 23:15:02 (574)
From: aric
I used... to have the volume set to my age, for instance if I was 19 the volume would be set on 19 and increment on each birthday... Wierd huh?

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