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Watching Football on the telly (Insanity #38)

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Title: Watching Football on the telly

If i'm watching football on the telly a lot of my  insanities come to the for...

I have a general one where I don't like the TV remote touching anything else that may be on the sofa/table where it is residing (e.g. a cushion or a magazine) idea why...but when I watch football this expands to me having to have it pointing towards the half of the field the team I am supporting (basically Liverpool or England) are playing. This I believe increases their chances of scoring much more than say buying a decent striker (which thankfully we now have!). I have been to blame for many goals conceded by forgetting to move the remote at half time...

When I was younger and much more insane I sometime had to repeat "Come on Liverpool" under my breath for the entire match to ensure a win...thank god I don't do that anymore...

I still however have to sit in the exact same position during the whole game if we are winning and it is particularly tense as any movement could cause it to all go wrong..

Username: Wanty (3.2)  United Kingdom
3.2/5 Sane Insane

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27/09/2007 23:59:38 (51)
From: andy
That's pretty wierd man. Have you been watching Chelsea and fidgetting - they've gone down the pan. I bet it was you...

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