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Finger in my cat's mouth (Insanity #383)

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Title: Finger in my cat's mouth
Description: Whenever I'm near any of my cats and they yawn, I have to stick my finger in their mouth before they close it. I really enjoy the confusion it causes them. I've heard of at least one more person doing this, but I still think it's pretty weird.
Username: trintrin (2.3)  United States
2.3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
12/01/2009 18:04:39 (796)
From: AshlieFay
I am not a cat, but both my present boyfriend, and my ex boyfriend both liked to stick their fingers in my mouth when i'm yawning. it's terrible, imagine never being able to let a yawn out!?
it's distressing. although i'd rather like to do this to a cat one day, I can imagine it would be rather pleasing! ha. xXx

01/10/2008 23:08:31 (572)
From: aric

28/09/2008 20:11:26 (546)
From: Boomer
OMG i do exactly the same thing.

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