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even numbers (Insanity #385)

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Title: even numbers
Description: i have an insecent need to have certain things in even numbers, this started with the tv having to be on an even number in volume, this moved onto anything with volume (radio, car stereo, phone, pc, i-pod the list goes on) then it spread onto ice cubes in drinks (all thought if i got 5 in a vodka and coke i wouldnt not drink it id just take one out) and now it has spread to food, i find myself having to have 4 potatoes, 8 chips, 2 crumpets, two slices of meat (although again if i had an odd number it seems quite acceptable to cut one in half thus making an even number again and the universal chi is re-aligned) my only odd one in all this insanity a friend recently pointed out, whilst laughing at my expense, is that i tend to eat only half of whats on my plate??????

i do wonder though if this stems from my mums need to have things in odd numbers and is in some way a psychological rebellion??????

any suggestions on cause, effect and resolution are more than welcome as recently i had to take a car stero back as it only counted up in even numbers, i couldnt stand it :o)

Username: murphyslaw04 (3)  United Kingdom
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