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Countng lamp posts. (Insanity #388)

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Title: Countng lamp posts.
Description: When I was younger (I'm pretty sure I've got over it now) on long car journeys, where you're on the motorway and all the lamp posts(I'm sure that's not the right term, but you know, the lights along the side of the road....anyway) zip by, I had a habit of having to tap my foot each time one passed. You would have thought this would lead on to a life of obsessive fridge closing and food categorising, but nope....I'm relatively normal now. Who knew?
Username: DoeEyedCabbage (2.5)  United Kingdom
2.5/5 Sane Insane

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01/10/2008 23:06:58 (571)
From: aric
I used to count the number of cars that went by in an variable amount of time. I would divide the cars by the time... This was when I was young.

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