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O_O i like the smell of my own underwear.... (Insanity #39)

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Title: O_O i like the smell of my own underwear....
Description: i like the smell of my own underwear...its been an weird am i lol??!!
Username: danmanu (3.9)  Australia
3.9/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
13/11/2008 19:31:02 (624)
From: duckduckKILL
Lol. Rock on, dude!

10/09/2008 19:48:03 (508)
From: october_angel92
wow, yes, this is a bit weird. but i mean, it's only before you wear them, right??

07/08/2008 00:26:00 (439)
From: tania
Hopefully you smell them before you wear them!!

01/05/2008 20:01:43 (253)
From: Karla_gde

OMFG!! hahahaha i hope u smell good xD now ure popular ur addiction is now on the web

26/02/2008 21:45:51 (194)
From: jazziza
lol.... maybe you just smell good?
i like the smell of my shirts after i've worn them...

01/10/2007 18:42:48 (58)
From: AMK
It could be that your sence of smell is destorted. Maybe it has something to do with your line of work and not neccesarily your brain?    I smell cigarette smoke often in places where there are none. Thats weird because I hate the smell of it!

27/09/2007 23:57:16 (50)
From: andy
We need more stars for this wierdo !

21/09/2007 00:37:55 (48)
From: kushiels_handmaiden
you know what, it's not that i really enjoy the smell, but i smell my undies constantly (whilst/after wearing them).  and idk why!! i can't stop myself.

15/09/2007 17:41:09 (44)
From: it wasnt me
dude u r f*****g wierd man

12/09/2007 20:03:47 (43)
From: jason
I hesitate to ask but is this before or after you've worn them?

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