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Fridge (Insanity #391)

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Title: Fridge
Description: I can't stand it when people leave the fridge door open longer than they have to - i like things very cold, and every second you leave the door of your fridge open the cold escapes.

A week ago a friend of mine opened the fridge to get a beer, and holding the door open, just turned around and continued the conversation he was having, for about ten seconds! It really annoyed me. I understand if you hold it open to decide what you want from the fridge, but he had his back turned to it. We were in a shed at the time, and the heater was on because it was cold, so he was making the beer warm and the room colder.

After a while i told him to close it and he just acted like i was insane. I actually like him a little less because of that. It was my beer he was drinking too :(
Username: Chuancey_freak (1.5)  Afghanistan
1.5/5 Sane Insane

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02/10/2008 01:05:25 (582)
From: radge
I do that too. You are obviously barking.

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