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Dudes pissing in the cubicle with the door open (Insanity #394)

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Title: Dudes pissing in the cubicle with the door open
Description: This really gets to me - Either use the urinal or close the door while peeing in the cubicle. One drunk evening i nearly fell on top of this guy who didn't close the door. Why don't these people close the door?

Women - Imagine going into the toilet and going into a cubicle only to see another person merrily going at it with the door wide open. It's just not cool.
Username: Chuancey_freak (1.5)  Afghanistan
1.5/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
12/01/2009 18:01:10 (795)
From: AshlieFay
I have actually seen another woman just peeing with the door wide open before.
I've also seen someone being sick with the cubicle door open!
not cool. xXx

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