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Blinking the Middle of two points (Insanity #396)

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Title: Blinking the Middle of two points
Description: I have a constant urge to blink at what I feel is the exact mid point between two points of reference.  It satisfies an urge that I feel in my mind.  the blink 'locks' the mid point in in my mind.  Things that I commonly blink the middle of include:

the mid point between peoples pupils when they are taling to me
the point between the corners of buildings
the centres of circles (car tyres, coffee cups, power points
Telegraph poles
beams of wood
tips of leaves
the moon
basically the middle of any point of reference.  I beleive there is an infinite possibility.

I also aim to blink the middle of shapes, such as the squares formed by windows and com puter screens, triangles formed by any point of reference.. there are many things that I like to blink at.

I find shapes such as polygons and arcs the hardest to find the middle point of, but I will blink at what I beleive is the most centre point.  It gets harder when perspective is involved, but it is satisfying when I find the middle :)

I think I know where this habit came from, but the insanity of this may have to be saved for another post.

Username: beajk002 (3.3)  Australia
3/5 Sane Insane

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