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Scraping. (Insanity #397)

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Title: Scraping.
Description: If I scrape something against something else, it has to be re-dont in the opposite way to be made right.

for example, if i scrape my fork across my plate, it has to be scraped back the other way to put it back to the state where it was before.  If it is scraped back TOO much or it doesn't feel right, it has to be done back and forth until it does.

Things that usually scrape, and need to be scraped back into place

teeth scraping
cutlery on a plate
soles of shoes when walking ( I have to go back and unscrape the step in the opposite way)
wearing a hat
computer mouse (this one frustrates the hell out of me cos to use it i have to scrape.  Usually I will build a stockpile of scrapes, and unscrape at the end of the day, somethimes taking up to ten minutes to flick the mouse around until it feels right)
moving a chair
using house keys
setting down a cup on the table
putting a lid back on a pen (shouldn't be touching the sides on the way in.  Very Difficult)
Rubbing coins against each other in my pocket.
Many many many more that I dont realise until I accidentally scrape it...

I pretty much have to be careful not to scrape things so I dont get the feeling that it needs to be scraped back again.

Username: beajk002 (3.3)  Australia
3.5/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
02/01/2009 21:22:26 (728)
From: ohgodaye
delighted with this . .I do exactly the same.
when someone shakes my hand and rubs it instead of just grabbing, I end up trying to 'unrub' the handshake for days. .

29/09/2008 11:50:41 (552)
From: pipbeale
love this one, i do that with some things.

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