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I hate Sundays (Insanity #40)

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Title: I hate Sundays
Description: Hi there! I am Joy whose joy and pain are contagious. I get all moods from contagion too so don't you ever feel so bad in front of me... I don't know why but Sunday boredom kills me. I have friends but I usually call myself a loner. My friends are either married or in the dating stage and I'm nowhere there. On the weekends if I feel like I'm on the verge of suicide, I walk along with nothing but my shadow... Anyway, I am the kind who feels bad about personal attacks but I like the pain it brings. I enjoy emotional tortures because from them, I create a beautiful language...
Username: Contagiously yours (3)  Philippines
3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
18/07/2008 13:43:40 (369)
From: MrclWrkr11
might i sugest getting a pet?

20/04/2008 03:56:13 (242)
From: jesusheraldo
I work every sunday so I guess the sunday depression is not likely to happen to me...

08/12/2007 18:55:39 (93)
From: lacitabas
Sundays are soo depressing,...
I dunno if the song was called "gloomy sunday" or "gloomy monday"
but it apprently touched people in a bad way. it was the top suicide song in the 40s.
so it seems we arent the only gloomy ones on sunday

01/10/2007 18:20:54 (57)
From: AMK
I force myself to take my family out in the fresh air. I use the day to eat out too, Then I rent a couple of DVD,s. Otherwize I might end up like the last two posters here :-)

21/09/2007 00:36:27 (47)
From: kushiels_handmaiden
omg!  sundays do the same thing to me also.  i usually sleep almost the entire day just  to pass the time.

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