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all my insanities in one go - (Insanity #401)

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Title: all my insanities in one go -

I feel the need to -

1. have volume controls on even numbers
2. check the door is locked when I go out four times
3. check the following things are OK before I can go to bed - the door is locked, the oven is off (all the gas rings have to be checked as well as the main oven controls), the taps are not dripping
4. can only eat tic tacs in multiples of two
5. don't like seeing uneven numbers (such as on a digital clock) by accident - if this happens have to look at it and blink twice before the time changes
6. don't like walking over three drains (two is OK, one is not good but better than three)
7. check the fridge and freezer doors are shut

- I didn't realise quite how weird I am until I saw all of the above written down! In my defense I think I have been psychologically scarred by various things such as the TV ads in the eighties about houses burning down because plug sockets were overloaded (I have to check everything is off at the wall), past housemates (who left lit gas rings on all day and nearly burnt the house down cooking pizza) and my brother who, when I'm staying at my parent's house for a weekend, waits until I have gone to bed before shouting across the landing "are you sure the oven's off, I think I might smell burning..."

Username: hana-chan (2.5)  United Kingdom
2.5/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
03/10/2008 15:22:45 (592)
From: annaphylactic
Ha ha ha - I am exactly the same when it comes to volumes on even numbers - I get really agitated if it's set on an even number!

30/09/2008 17:24:06 (560)
From: jason
Your brother sounds like a right laugh! :-)

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