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teeth rhythm (Insanity #402)

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Title: teeth rhythm
Description: If i clenh my jam and knock my top and bottom front two teeth together then I have to repeat the pattern or rhythm but putting my front top two teeth in front of and behind by front bottom two teeth.  usually a certain patter has to be follow as well perfectly with each respective tooth hitting the opposite equally. This can then spread to other teeth by interlocking my jaw creating the image that im gurning.  If the rhythm doesnt match i then have to start it all over again.  It not nice sometimes cos not all my teeth match so so grinding ensues.  BUT I HAVE TO GET IT RIGHT!!!!!! It can take ages sometimes.

Oh yeah, an i also bite the inside of my own mouth on purpose and sometimes without knowing it.  I sit there pushing my cheek in so I can have a good old munch,
Username: bentura (3)  United Kingdom
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