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Shower routine (Insanity #405)

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Title: Shower routine
Description: Hi all,

We all have our routines I'm sure, but I am particularly picky about my morning oblutions! If I don't do things in this order I get quite out of sorts:

1) Get out of bed at 6:40am
2) Go to bathroom
3) Turn shower on
4) Spend a penny
5) Brush my hair
6) Get in shower
7) Wash and then rinse hair
8) Apply conditioner to hair.
9) Wash face, then rest of me :o
10) Rinse conditioner
11) Turn shower off and get out
12) Wrap hair in towel, then rest of me in another towel
13) Toddle off and get ready for day!

Nothing else has to be in order, just that bit!! If someone is using the shower when I NEED it (ie: about 6:45am) I get really, seriously naffed off! Like they should KNOW that I need the shower at that exact point in time!

Probably not insane, just a little touch OCD!!

Username: eddie_38_1998 (2.2)  United Kingdom
2/5 Sane Insane

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