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Spiders in my bed!!! (Insanity #406)

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Title: Spiders in my bed!!!

I've done this for years, as the result of a bad (and now occasionally reoccuring) dream.

Before I go to bed at night, I check under all my pillows and lift my duvet completely off the bed to check if any spiders are lurking! If I am feeling particarly paranoid then I might also look inside the duvet cover and pillow cases. Nuts, as where I live isn't really rife with the little blighters!

The dream I have is the I am asleep, and wake up to find hundreds of spiders all over my bed. I wake up (in realy life!) still thinking that they're there and on more than one occasion have been up at 3am tearing sheets off my bed in search of the spiders. Then I have to sleep with the light on.

I'm 28.

ps: I go camping quite a bit, and oddly enough am not quite so bothered about checking the insides of the tent before I bed down for the night. Hmmm.....


Username: eddie_38_1998 (2.2)  United Kingdom
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Comments (Newest First)
03/10/2008 18:40:10 (597)
From: EatMyTry
I used to get this all the time, it was stress!

Its little beads of sweat which make you think your bed has a spider in it walking all over you! Eugh!! I used to have to sleep with the lights on after I dreamed millions of spiders crawled out of a box on the side of my room and all over my bed before settling under my matress! agh!! I learned to live with it when I 'saw' a rat run over my pillow and behind the pillow cover. I was up for hours looking for an imaginary rat!! Then I realised my anxiety!...

02/10/2008 01:37:30 (584)
From: radge
I used to get this one too. Then I noticed that it only happened when my flies were open. Tadaaa!

30/09/2008 23:56:29 (565)
From: nightbirdjo
I get the spider dream too!  I wake up in the night and I look down and the duvet is covered in spiders and I have to try and get out without them crawling on me - I then jump up and wake up at the same time and run and put the light on. I then spend the next 10 minutes looking for them until I am satisfied it was a dream.  I have had this dream for years.

And I am 37!

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