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Kit Kats (Insanity #407)

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Title: Kit Kats
Description: Not sure if people outside of the UK will get this one....

I eat Kit Kats thusly:

1) Break into separate fingers
2) Eat fingers by nibbling off the chocolate at the ends first, then the chocolate from the sides, and then splitting each of the wafers into separate layers and eating them! Takes ages for me to eat a Kit Kat!!!


Username: eddie_38_1998 (2.2)  United Kingdom
3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
15/11/2008 05:34:21 (634)
From: red
Hey!  We've got Kit Kat bars over here in the States too! 

30/09/2008 17:28:16 (561)
From: rosstheboss
I do that too but you forgot to rub the foil so that you can see the Kit Kat logo through it before unwrapping!

29/09/2008 22:31:02 (558)
From: boomer
I do exactly the same thing! I appreciate the bar much more that way!

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