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Talking to pets (Insanity #415)

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Title: Talking to pets
Description: I talk to my cat all the time, and not even in a baby voice
Username: m2martin (1.9)  Canada
2.3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
12/12/2008 21:29:18 (665)
From: wolfyrocker
i do that. i can sit for hours having conversations with my dog. She doesn't have a middle name, lots of my human friends dont either, but she has my surname. I count her as much of a friend as all the humans I am friends with and she knows all my secrets!

24/11/2008 02:50:04 (639)
From: laneime
i talk to all my animals as well and give them middle names my dog's name is mocha chino latte and my hamster's name is oreo panda bear

06/10/2008 16:35:44 (603)
From: slurpyzklown
i talk to my pets too. i actually have conversations with them. they all have middle names. I have Do-B Malaria Gallagher and Murphy Moon Unit Webber (well murphy is my boyfriends new kitten) and if you can't figure out or whatever the name Do-B is pronounced Doobie. I even got a baby blanket for Murphy and i wrap him in it and he goes to sleep.

03/10/2008 18:30:01 (596)
From: EatMyTry
My hampster knows all my secrets!

03/10/2008 17:23:26 (595)
From: jason
Just for my own peace-of-mind, who starts the conversation? :-)

30/09/2008 23:41:55 (564)
From: evillttlimp
I do that too.  I also insist that they have middle names, because cats and dogs are people too.

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