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Numbers and colors (Insanity #416)

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Title: Numbers and colors
Description: I associate numbers and colors, from one to twelve.  To count them out would be:
Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Blue, Grey, Brown, Turquoise, and Pink.
All the odd numbers and colors are male, and all the even are female.  Any object then has a gender based on it's most prominent color.  Some light blues are tricky to identify.
I have several twelve-sided dice (but they have to be numbered properly) to keep my universe in check.
If anything happens out of order, it saddens me.  For example, a few friends and I went puttputting, and I insisted that we needed to take turns in order.  Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Blue, then Pink.  It also messed with me that a guy had the green ball, but I kept that secret.
Username: evillttlimp (2.6)  United States
3/5 Sane Insane

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03/10/2008 17:22:37 (594)
From: jason
You might get on well with this person...
One of the comments actually names the condition.

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