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Food (Insanity #420)

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Title: Food
Description: I hate it when my food on my plate touches each other.  Vegetables need to be eaten first, in their entirety, before I can move on.  Meat is saved for last.
For example, for thanksgiving, I need to eat my peas before I pour the gravy, and then I eat the stuffing, then the potatoes, then the meat.  It's sad, because the meat is kind of cooled by the time I get to it.  Also, if someone puts a bit more food on my plate, I need to go back and eat it in order.
I also can't handle it if a single molecule of maple syrup touches my bacon.  It is separate.  I should eat with those plates for little kids with the barriers on them.

Also, I eat my skittles; purple, green, yellow, orange, and then red.
Username: evillttlimp (2.6)  United States
2.5/5 Sane Insane

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15/11/2008 05:23:03 (632)
From: red
You are right, maple syrup should never touch pork, especially sausage! 
No, it's green, yellow, orange, purple and then red, and I always save the red M&Ms for last.  And you know those little party mints that come in pink, yellow, green and white?  The pink and yellow taste better than the green and white.

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